About Uday Usha Surya Shakti

UUSS is founded with the aim of providing cost effective solar power solutions against the increase in power crises in INDIA. UUSS, a company specialize in providing quality, and reliable solar powered energy solutions.
We are very keen on crystalline technology and here to deliver the products and solutions with good quality and reliability. We have a very good team of technocrats with supreme quality of experience in Solar and power industry and professional wings for respective fields like solar design and other Engg divisions. We provide the solutions for both off-grid and on-grid for residential and commercial solutions as well.
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  • Our Mission
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We provide concept to commissioning service for solar PV projects. UUSS brings a specialized and highly experienced knowledge in rooftop and ground mounted solar projects, particularly in challenging projects that involves complex roofs and sites. Our experience and responsive team technocrats can be tremendous asset to any solar project.
UUSS has been guided by a focused philosophy since from the beginning vision,integrity and technical expertise simply put, UUSS goals are to :
  • Maintain world class Standard of quality
  • Ontime Project Delivery within the given budget
  • Always exceed clients expectation
Majority of present energy sources are fossil fuel based and which has the major contribution in polluting the environment. They are the initiators for Global Warming, environmental imbalance, ozone layer depletion and which in turn a big threat to the future human race.
Solar energy is a clean and a green energy, harnessing it will reduce the carbon foot print. With present power scenario in India and expected growth in power demand where conventional power is expensive and insufficient, solar energy tends to be the most efficient solution. The main advantage of “solar energy “is being free from need of any kind of fuel and maintenance.